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Jupiter Energy Limited is an oil exploration and production company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), trading under the ticker "JPR". The Company owns 100% of an exploration permit (known as Block 31) in the Mangistau Basin, West Kazakhstan. Block 31 is currently 123km2 in size and the entire permit covers an area of proven oil production. The Company has its operations based in the port city of Aktau, which is located approximately 80km from Block 31. The Block 31 permit has a both an Exploration Licence as well as a Production Licence for its three oilfields. The current exploration period for the Akkar North (East Block) oilfield runs until the end of 2020 and the exploration period for the West Zhetybai oilfield runs until the beginning of September 2021. The has successfully transitioned the Akkar East oilfield into Commercial Production under its 25 year Production Licence. Akkar East currently operates under the “Preparatory Period” as defined by the Kazakh Sub Surface Code which means that it can produce oil under a Commercial Licence without the requisite infrastructure in place to achieve 100% gas utilisation. Production from this field is therefore constrained as the Company can only produce the volume of oil (and associated gas) that equates to the volume of gas that can be used on the field for heating, power and the like. Whilst the production capacity from the three oilfields is approximately 1000 barrels of oil per day (125 tonnes) from 5 wells (J-50, J-51, J-52, J-58 and well 19), only wells J-50 and J-58 are producing at full capacity at this time, under their respective Trial Production licences. These two wells achieve ~500 barrels per day (65 tonnes) and the Akkar East wells (J-51, J-52 and well 19) can only produce ~135 barrels per day (20 tonnes) due to the gas restriction. The Company is only able to sell oil produced under Trial Production into the domestic market. Once the requisite topside gas utilisation infrastructure has been built and approved, oil can be sold into the export market under the terms of the Company's Production Licence. Further work on the building of the infrastructure will be carried out once a suitable funding package has been finalised. The Company has an experienced Board and Management team with excellent in country experience and a proven track record in developing organisations from early phase to proven revenue generation. This web site seeks to provide a range of information on Jupiter Energy Limited that should be of value to shareholders, investors and other interested parties wishing to know more about the Company and its progress in Kazakhstan.